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Reorganization and Restructuring

We provide you with professional advice for the reorganization of your group and optimize your equity and debt management. Our professionals integrate new acquisitions, plan your turnaround and prepare your exit strategies. Together with our Vanas & Partner Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH colleagues we manage your cross-border mergers and disposals. In Austria and within the EU, we assist you with tax neutral reorganizations under the Austrian Reorganisation Act.

We combine both global experience in reorganizing multinationals and national tax and legal expertise!


We have the expertise and capacity to support you at every stage of the M&A process from a tax perspective: carrying out the necessary tax due diligence; conceptualizing flexible, tax compliant structures that optimize your investment while ensuring smooth implementation and management; and completing the tax-related and post-deal activities. Our independence advantage means we can act quickly to deliver the answers you need and avoid audit-based conflicts. Our global capability allows us to look outside the local context to achieve the results you need.

Tax consequences associated with transactions have become more complex than ever before. The range of potential options usually is broad and the decision-making process is dominated by time pressure. Our advisors understand the commercial dynamics and work with your team from start to finish, maximizing the potential for transaction tax advantages. We help you to anticipate and address tax implications of acquisitions, disposals and mergers. We identifiy opportunities and assist you with deal negotiations from a tax perspective.

Our global capability allows us to look outside the local context to achieve the results you need.


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