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Vanas & Partner is an internationally operating tax advisory firm with a world-wide network of tax advisors, lawyers and auditors and provides optimized business management solutions.


We combine our entrepreneurial attitude with experience and knowledge for a unique holistic approach. Vanas & Partner Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH brings together tax advice, business consulting and financial advice to the maximum of your benefit.

We optimize taxes for your construction projects and support you with tax neutral financing arrangements..

We provide you with professional advice for the reorganization of your group and optimize your equity and debt management..

Our professionals help you achieve tax, supply chain and overall operational efficiencies and interpret technical tax provisions..

We optimize taxes for your construction projects and support you with tax neutral financing arrangements..

We can help you to draft a tax strategy suiting your targets, which enables a systematic and principled tax planning..

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Cash-Pooling: Structures and risks regarding COVID-19

Cash-Pooling: just a physical structure or a notional arrangement?
Liquidity management is one of the most important factors in order to navigate through COVID-19. Where companies have already implemented cashpooling systems, it is paramount to analyse whether the specific facts and circumstances of such agreements might have been changed considerably due to the current economic developments and that such cash-pooling systems do not bear the risk of being qualified as hidden distributions.

Latest Changes affecting Multinationals

This newsletter provides an overview of the most relevant changes in the Austrian tax landscape affecting international..

Reclaiming Austrian withholding tax

A new regulation concerning the process of reclaiming withholding tax in Austria has become effective with 1st January 2019..

Annual Tax Act 2018

In July this year several adaptations to Austrian tax laws have been issued. These adaptations were made under the so-called Annual Tax Law 2018..

Investing in Austria.png
Investing in Austria

This booklet – in its tenth, completely revised edition – serves to introduce potential foreign investors to the Austrian tax and legal system. It also offers an overview of the law as relevant for foreign investors already active in Austria.

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