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Financial Advice
Private Clients

Investors in private property face a wide range of challenges and opportunities each day. We support you in taking your investment decisions. We offer tax advice for all key areas of wealth management, e.g. real estate, shares, pensions funds, liquidity and credit management.

We offer tax efficient real estate structures. We optimise taxes for your construction projects and support you with tax neutral financing arrangements.  

We grow your private property!

Management Compensation Tax

Effective employee remuneration is critical to business success. Tax efficient incentive plans (examples include annual cash bonus plans, deferred cash bonus plans, stock option plans, restricted stock and restricted stock unit plans, profit sharing arrangements, sales incentives, retention plans) and global tax compliance are vital if maximum value is to be achieved for both employers and employees. Tax, legal and regulatory rules are increasingly complex and constantly changing. We provide proactive tax advice, regulatory oversight and best practice expertise.

Employee compensation by nature is a sensitive issue. That means operational accuracy and compliance is essential. Errors can be costly and result in reputational damage as well as financial loss. Vanas & Partner Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH provides a "hands on" service to ensure remuneration plans work. Our approach is integrated, combining tax, legal, financial and human resources requirements. We help you and your employees to take advantage of local tax breaks and double taxation treaties.

We optimise value through effective and tax compliant reward programmes!


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